Print show

We had a print show at the Museum of Eastern Idaho that opened last night and runs till April. The Museum bought 2 of my pieces for their permanent collection! That was nice of them. These are pictures of a few new prints, and a new plate Im starting of a shrimp, and the print room and presses.


Pete said...

Well, I don't know how the resin works still, but I really like the light and darkness in the picture of the couple at the table. Very attention grabbing.

Andrew Bontorno said...

Congrats that's awesome! I also was really drawn to the table print. Very nice work.

Nasty Butler said...

What a clean print room...remarkable.

Jon said...

Wow Nick, those look amazing.

Have you ever thought about etching your designs onto notebooks, then selling them?

These guys do it and they look amazing: http://www.modofly.net/