Here are a few autumn poems I made

When Autumn Went Away

I met and watched the change of seasons
A girl with red leaves in her hair
And dancing leaves around her feet
And shadows in her stare
But when the new moon turned above
She gathered her things to go
So I lost her laughter when crickets froze
And her leaves within the snow.

NB 10.3.07

The Autumn Never Came

The autumn never came this year
We went from stale summer
To ice
And icy wind

To slaughter

NB 10.18.07



Been to Yellowstone 3 times now. Autumn is nearly over and it's getting too cold to do much hiking anymore, and they close most of it in the winter. Bison all over the place. And thats old faithful up top there.

I went west

I went out west again, with Matt M; he to Provo, and I went up to Idaho. The trip was the highlight of my year to date. We saw some abandoned prarie farms in Kansas, our old comrade Colin Urie in Colorado Springs, and I saw Andrew & Tamera in Orem. My Subaru is tough.


I am modern

On the suggestion of an old friend, I made one of these so that a few of you could read and see what's what in my meandering life. Enjoy.