takin the photos

I think Chris Moulton took this.  Its me.  Yes I am putting pictures of myself on my blog.  That's what I do these days.


Mel in springtime

Some of my paintings mean more to me than others.  This one means a lot to me, so I thought I'd explain it.  Not that anyone reads my blog.

This painting is about the impending loss of youth, and the worry of being barren.  Its a worry for young people that usually goes unnoticed by others.  Sometimes young people look at themselves, and feel wasted.  Springtime comes, but its a short season in the desert.  There are a few flowers growing around the utility pole, but they won't last the summer in this dusty parking lot.  The empty buildings warn of what comes of long life, or even a short life in a place that is isolated.  This young woman out in the country is happy to be acknowledged for a moment.  But the way things go...
Well there is hope. There are fertile places. They're distant.  They're in that far field, and even more, beyond those blue hills. For a short moment, flowers bloom in the desert, and maybe if the dust doesn't cover her up she will be able to preserve youth through her own children.  O to be useful.


recent art making

And all the beauty of the place
Is in thy heart and on thy face.


Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska

Home is beneath
That big blue sky
The northern plains
And the otherwise
Open spaces,
There aren't as many.


end of summer

My first hike of 2013, up Mill B south fork, toward lake Blanche in Big Cottonwood canyon.  It was quiet and meditative.  Autumn comes early in the mountains.  Everything comes early, and leaves too soon.  The first signs of summer giving way to autumn are seen in the yellow and red leaves, red baneberries around aspen groves, and shriveled up wildflowers.  The autumn reminds me that things don't last forever, and that it's time to prepare for the coming winter.  The earth takes back what it so generously gave, and we will have to again be patient-- ever patient.  There is that warning in the bright colors, but also a celebration.  The year was full, and the red, yellow, and orange leaves dance and fly in the air with gratitude.

...the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD. -Job 1:21

I will miss the west with its sage flats and lonely mountains.  I was a visitor here, with a visitors key.  These moments are not lost to me.