How to wipe a plate, by Chris Moulton

So I found that my friend Chris put up an illustrioius presentation of how to wipe a plate while printmaking. So if you go to his blog which I have listed on the left here <--- than you can see it. And for those of you who are wondering what making prints looks like, this is 1 critical step among many.


Railroad Bill

Early one morning
standing out in the rain
And around that bend
Came a great freight train

Railroad Bill
Is a mean man
He shot the midnight lantern out of a
Good mans hand

Trouble in the east
Trouble in the west
Got a .38 special sticking
Out of my vest

Railroad Bill
Coming down the hill
Lighting a cigar with a
Twenty dollar bill

Railroad Bill said that
Before he died
He'd build a railroad just for the
Bums to ride