I didnt catch anything on free fishing day

I went into a hazel wood
because a fire was in my head
and cut and peeled a hazel wand
and hooked a berry to a thread


katinka Lampe

I found this portrait artist who is painting in the Neatherlands. Her name is katinka Lampe, and I like her work, mostly her use of flat surfaces, good anatomy, and interesting psychology. I just wish she'd paint some other age groups as well. I don't know how I feel about using kids in art a lot. I mean, I don't like to see the psychology of our era reflected in kids... its too negative.


ghost towns

freedome, o freedom, thats just some people talking.


Jackson again

Kim and I went for a little hike thursday afternoon in the Elk Refuge and climbed some grassy hills that overlooked the valley, or Hole as Jackson called it. Its always surprising to realize how much beauty God made when most of it goes unseen by human eyes. We forged our own path up and all along the way found things that were beautiful- some small wildflowers, skelletal remains, rocks, grasses, and the smells of the changing earth. We had a view of the Snake river, and the Tetons beyond- and I can't believe how many details go unseen. Beyond these mountains there are more mountains and hills and holes, all covered with wildflowers and grasses, but they are harder to get to and they go on so long there's no way you could explore them all.
"wash my eyes that I may see"