on leaving Wyoming

On leaving Jackson I passed a little place that had this old gas station left over. And then I hit the deserty part of western Wyoming which was beautifully vacant (rte 189) Lots of options for people worried about the urban sprall. And then there's been this ghost in my apt. He looks fake, and he is.


Till We Have Faces


"Do you begin to set your wits against mine? Throw yourself down."

"Oh no, no, no; mercy!" said I.



All things on earth point home in Old October:
Sailors to sea,
Travellers to walls and fences,
Hunters to field and hollow,
The lover to the love he has forsaken.

-Thomas Wolfe


Tell ol' Bill

The evening sun is sinking low
The woods are dark, the town is too,
They'll drag you down, they're running the show
Ain't no telling what they'll do.
Tell ol' Bill when he comes home,
That anything is worth a try
Tell him that I'm not alone
And the hour has come to do or die.
All the world I would defy.
Let me make it plain as day.
I look at you and I sigh,
How could it be any other way?




The field is dry
The air is cold
but color was bought
when summer was sold