Pandalus Borealis

"The wonder of the world,
its beauty and power,
the shape of things,
their colours, lights, and shades,
these I saw. Look ye also while life lasts."

(From a tombstone in Cumbaland, England)

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Ashley said...

Hi Nick! So, Pete told me you had work online, so I found it (I hope that's okay), and I really want to see your prints live, and I want to know where you found the quote off of the tombstone (I mean you could have read it off the tombstone in Cumbaland -- that is an option), and I want to know which prints the gallery bought? I like the shrimp a lot -- it's a simple idea, yet it's a real idea -- a real creation. I think it's beautiful. Anyway, perhaps I'll get to see you live, or at least talk to you live, someday. Thanks for posting your art --