website of art

I remade my website. It is nickbontorno.com and has lots of artwork on it. I don't know how user friendly it is because I am pretty bad at adobe dreamweaver. I just snagged a bunch of code from free templates, but it will do for a few years.


Isabel Jimison

A blury photo of a painting I did of Carlas daughter.

A Sitting Girl

This is my best painting, as far as I can tell. Its also my biggest- 4ft by 5ft or something.


Chris and I looking like artists

My Mark Twain murrals

The man was born and died under Haley's comet. These are his birth and death places:
Florida, MO and Stormfield MA.


That terrible poem again

O Lord, I have made you a place in my heart
Among the rags and the bones and the dirt.
There's piles of lies and averted eyes and
Old moving boxes full of hurt.
I've tried to clean up the place, I know its a discrace,
You get used to it after a while-
With the flood and the drought and old pals hanging out
with there IOU's and their smiles.
O Lord, why does the fall get colder each year?
And why can't I learn to love?
Lord, If you made me than its easy to see
that you all make mistakes up above.