The hosts of the air

O'DRISCOLL drove with a song
The wild duck and the drake
From the tall and the tufted reeds
Of the drear Hart Lake.

And he saw young men and young girls
Who danced on a level place,
And Bridget his bride among them,
With a sad and a gay face.

The dancers crowded about him
And many a sweet thing said,
And a young man brought him red wine
And a young girl white bread.

But Bridget drew him by the sleeve
Away from the merry bands,
To old men playing at cards
With a twinkling of ancient hands.

The bread and the wine had a doom,
For these were the host of the air;
He sat and played in a dream
Of her long dim hair.

He played with the merry old men
And thought not of evil chance,
Until one bore Bridget his bride
Away from the merry dance.

He bore her away in his arms,
The handsomest young man there,
And his neck and his breast and his arms
Were drowned in her long dim hair.

O'Driscoll scattered the cards
And out of his dream awoke:
Old men and young men and young girls
Were gone like a drifting smoke;

But he heard high up in the air
A piper piping away,
And never was piping so sad,
And never was piping so gay.

WB Yeats




Henry Folsom

This is an old folk painting done in early 1700s by an artist who no one knows anything about, and died young. It's of his sister. It hangs on a wall. That's art, and I don't think you need much more. You can take your NYC and L.A. and your subconcious and your concepts and your dialog and your community and your grants, and have a bonfire.


Website has landed afresh

I have a new website of artwork. It is almost done. But you can see it at Nickbontorno.wordpress.com

I may change it to something else in the future, but for now, that's where it is. Nickbontorno.com is broke and gone.


Kandinsky and Klee- good times on the beach

This is for a collection I want to start of pictures of famous artists hanging out together.

Idaho trip

I drove Kimberly back to Idaho and here are some pictures of what it looks like to drive through Idaho and what Kim looks like with mountains behind her. It's all very pretty.