NY is very nice in the spring. When everyone was home we went out back here and played baseball and shot breakable things with the 22. Also, NY is a place where you can think. I was tired of painting when I left, but now I have lots of ideas again. No amount of school could give me these ideas.


Sacred secularism

CS Lewis makes a good point in critiquing literature. "The Christian will take literature a little less seriously than the cultured Pagan: he will feel less uneasy with a purely hedonistic standard for at least many kinds of work. The unbeliever is always apt to make a kind of religion of his aesthetic experiences."

"Conscious makes cowards of us all."
"Love is too young to know what conscious is."



works in progress. All these are experiments really because I've never taken color very seriously before. Color is complicated. I've gained new appriciation for Whistlers mother/ the study in grey. That isn't easy to do.