MFA show art

Here are the seven paintings in my show! The one of my dad in winter and Mel in springtime are really big (7ft x 8ft) so they are cooler in life. They hang in the basement of the Harold B Lee library on BYU campus until May 28th so, go see them if you are around.


Jennie said...

Looks great! Wish I could see it in person, but I'm glad you posted them.

Mairi dhubh said...

Thank you for posting! They are lovely! Wish I could see them in person as well!

Heidi said...

Dad in Winter

He clings to the cold—
The way he feels it in his bones—
And listens for the place
Where every hill sleeps lightly,
As a dream sleeps
In a frozen, by-gone time.
His life has faded,
Changed for all he clutched it
In wind-roughened hands
And watched it linger into nothing more
Than snow on distant fields
Of withered grasses singing reedy,
Long goodbyes.
He loves the winter,
And the feel of sturdy boots
That still keep walking,
Never knowing what is left behind.