"I'm more sensitive than you because I extract more from less" it seems to say; or "I'm smarter because I am getting to the heart of a thing outside all that visual detail". it leaves behind worth while tools for conveying ideas. Granted it is interesting- but on a science center level. It's interesting like reading a good magizene is interesting. It's involved like the peace corps is involved. But where is the art? That old thing that hangs quietly on the wall?

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Scrivener said...

There's a parallel in literature. Some novels are considered good or even great because of the nature of the story rather than the technical merit of the storytelling. To me, the Kite Runner or My Sister's Keeper are perfect examples. It matters more what the story is about than how it is conveyed. In the end,ideas matter (a lot), but ideas conveyed with great technical skill are the real masterpieces. It's the difference between the Godfather I or II and Godfather III or Star Wars Episode IV and Star Wars Episode I.

On another note, we still need to get together. I should be in Utah Feb. 11-13. Can I buy you a meal?