There's some talk of art starting in the Spori building as of late. The Fine Arts program is growing- there's a handful of part time faculty to keep up with crowded classes and no lack of snobbery among us. Compitition is a big part of art, professionaly and in school, and BYUI is not free from it. It starts of course with our faculty. The Parson camp is led by Leon Parson, a very skilled illustrator and wildlife painter. He hired for a faculty a confident crew of Art Center students to lead the cause of studying realism. The outsiders are those that somehow got hired without being Field and Stream illustrators or so righteous they glow. They mainly snuck in either as technical or "crafts" people (pottery, printmaking), or because they've just been here forever (a few painters and a sculptor). So we are just starting to get the great art school rift that shouldn't exist but always does- the one between craft and concept. Fruitbaskets and figures on one side, expression on the other. Anyway, they are both needed. Here's the thing- "What is art" is almost a question. Is it more than this, or less than this? What element of a visual makes it good? Or interesting? Merely accuracy? Merely emotion or expression? Merely spirituality? Merely formalist construction? The Frame? Easiness? Does it match my couch? Is it really better than the wall? Is pretty ugly? Is it scarry? Is it peaceful? Would Bob Ross like it? Would Jesus like it? Would a little kid like it? Would it burn quickly? Does anyone like it besides me? Is it merely therapy? Is negitive art a reflection of a bad person? Should art cause joy? Is it archival? Who really cares about Art Center?

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