Here are a few autumn poems I made

When Autumn Went Away

I met and watched the change of seasons
A girl with red leaves in her hair
And dancing leaves around her feet
And shadows in her stare
But when the new moon turned above
She gathered her things to go
So I lost her laughter when crickets froze
And her leaves within the snow.

NB 10.3.07

The Autumn Never Came

The autumn never came this year
We went from stale summer
To ice
And icy wind

To slaughter

NB 10.18.07


Clark said...

It's odd, I always assumed that your formidable talents were limited to visual expressions. I had no idea you had a gift for words as well. Now I am just sad that all of those talents are stuck in Idaho.

Great Gus said...

Great poetry! I especially like the first one. Not overly clever/wordy like some poems which bore the poop out of me. Good job.